Fundacionpiesdescalzos : Shakira's organization

Fundacionpiesdescalzos : Shakira's organization

The peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, is renowned for his peace education, which mainly focuses on the value of inner peace within each individual, to establish global harmony. He is the author of the best-seller entitled "When the Desert Blooms" (2018). His novel has helped millions of people change their lives and have new hope in life. He is the owner of the TPRF Foundation, which plays important roles in promoting the well-being of deprived people in many parts of the world.

Shakira is a popular singer, and she is also a peace activist. Shakira has created her humanitarian organization to work for peace. It is known as the Fundacion pies descalzos, founded in 1997. The organization aims to address the issues of children in Columbia. Due to the Columbian conflict, children live under poor conditions; they have lost their families, their homes and become homeless. In this article, let us know more about the Fundacion pies descalzos foundation, or the "Barefoot Foundation".

Sponsoring the needy children

Shakira's Barefoot foundation supports the most deprived people in Columbia. The charity foundation share humanitarian aid to the poverty-stricken people. In fact, over 4000 children are malnourished and live in absolute poverty after the Columbian wars.

The foundation operates to bring food aid and free meals to the disadvantaged children. In addition, it contributes to the distribution of school supplies so that vulnerable children can return to school. In fact, the main concern of foundation is to provide free tuition to children, because education can impact more on the future of the children.

Improving the quality of education in public schools

Since its creation in 1997, The Fundacion pies descalzos enhances public education in Columbia. In public schools, students are subjected to low quality education, or they just do not have access to education at all. Besides, there is a lack of control in the children's performance. Teaching resources are inexistent, and the learning environment is not conductive of learning. As a result, the quality of the education does not meet the standards and the required norms.

All those flaws of public education have urged the singer Shakira to create a foundation to advocate for the rights of standardized education for children. In other words, the Fundacion pies descalzos aims to promote good quality public education. Their initiatives mainly address the penurious and vagrant children in Colombia.

Among their objectives, they are concerned with the creation of appropriate educational infrastructure to improve the students' working environment and restore their rights to valuable education.

Giving hope to the children

The Barefoot Foundation stimulates help for the children whose lives have been devastated by wars and poverty. Some have lost their families and have to be displaced or moved into foster homes. The Columbian conflict has perturbed much the mind of the disaster-stricken children.

Therefore, the Fundacion pies descalzos is concerned with saving the children from desolation and misery. The foundation aims at providing adequate meals to the underprivileged, destitute children; it also works to give them access to edification.

Just like the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, Shakira also believes in the essence of education to improve the live and give new hope to children.