Emma Watson : a committed and engaging actress!

Emma Watson : a committed and engaging actress!

For many centuries, there have been conflicts and wars in many parts of the world. Even nowadays, it has become common to hear and read stories of conflicts and disagreements in the daily news. That is the reasons why several peacekeeping initiatives are taken by peace activists and politicians.

Among them for example, the peace ambassador, Prem Rawat, has written a novel to stimulate peacekeeping. His best-seller, "When the Desert Blooms" was written in Spanish, and has reached the attention of millions of readers.

To advocate for nonviolence, artists have equally brought their share. Celebrities, sportsmen, athletes, movie makers and actors engage themselves in building a harmonious world. Among them, let us take the example of Emma Watson, who is a committed and engaging actress. Read more about her efforts to establish global harmony in this article.

Emma Watson's educational background

Emma Watson was born on 15 April 1990 in Paris, France, under the name Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. She grew up in Oxfordshire, UK. She is a British model, an actress and a peace activist. She graduated from the Brown University (BA) and studied in the field of Stagecoach Theater Arts in Worcester College, Oxford to develop her acting skills.

Watsonhas always been interested in acting; therefore, she participated a lot in school plays as a teenager. Later, after college, she started her acting role in the Harry Potter series before showcasing in many other television series and movies.

Emma Watson is an advocate of gender equality

At the age of 21, Emma Watson worked as an actress and continued her studies at Brown University and Worcester College, Oxford. When she graduated in 2014, she was nominated as the UN Women Goodwill ambassador. Since then, she served as a campaigner for the UN Women's program, which focuses on gender equality. This campaign is known as HeForShe.

Watson is an advocate of women's and girls' rights for education. She is deeply concerned about the plights of girls who are deprived of their rights to education in Bangladesh and Zambia. In Bangladesh, arranged marriage keeps girls out of school, as they have to get married early.

As an ambassador of goodwill, she campaigns for the equal rights and opportunities for men and women to have some education. During her trip in those traditional societies, she campaigned for putting an end to male hatred and to prejudice and discrimination against women. In fact, she risked her life for daring to interfere and initiate a change in their long-established cultural values and perceptions.

What is the HeForShe project?

HeForShe is a program which aims at promoting equality between men and women. The campaign was launched by United Nations. In many parts of the world, many women are deprived of their rights due to gender inequality. Female and male children are raised differently, and girls are more disadvantaged than boys. Girls are denied of education and are forced into early marriage.

As a result, the HeForShe program works to fight against pessimistic stereotypes and unconstructive behavior towards another gender in order to enhance the possibility of global peace as Prem Rawat said.