Celebrities Who Fought for Education

Celebrities Who Fought for Education

If you think about those stars and celebrities who make great concerts on TVs or all over the world, you might not believe that some of them have had a difficult childhood and fought harshly for education. Some of them could hardly attend school and do not have any degree.

Yet, they have managed to rise to the top and now, they take great initiatives to engage themselves in the fight for the well-being of others deprived children.

Find out more about some of those celebrities who have contributed to the fight for education

LeBron James

When he was still in the primary school, LeBron James had to miss about 100 class days when he was in the 4th grade. In addition, he had to be transferred to different schools within a school year because of family problems and limited budget. His success was mainly attributed to the help of his sports mentor, who constantly supported him until he became a renowned NBA player.

His hard life experience as a child inspired him to take humanitarian actions. To achieve his goal, he founded a school called “I Promise” school, which is located in Akron, Ohio. His goal is to provide financial and emotional support to disadvantaged children who lag behind the others because of family constraints.

To help the deprived children, LeBron James provides them with the necessary school supplies, books and laptops for their education and shares free lunch for those students. In addition, the school offers counseling and emotional support for traumatized children and their parents.

Petra Nemcova

The Czech model Petra Nemcova is the founder of the Happy Hearts Fund foundation. After the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2011, she donated a large amount of money from her organization in order to build a school. Petra could survive the tsunami of 2004; however, her fiancé died from that incident.

The haunting cries of children suffering and dying from the tsunami have urged her to take humanitarian actions to sponsor their education. In fact, she could survive from the disaster after clinging onto a tree for several hours.


Rihanna is an advocate of children's rights for education, apart from being an active philanthropist. She is famous for being the ambassador of education in her homeland, Barbados. Her greatest concerns are to invest in education and to boost tourism in Barbados Island.

Through the use of social mediaTwitter, she has contributed a lot to the improvement of access to education in Barbados and throughout the world. She could reach up to 88 million followers, along with several world leaders, who gladly accepted to fund her educational support initiatives.

Thanks to the support of the Norwegian Prime Minister, the President of the French Republic, and UK Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte. The latter donated €100 million to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), thanks to which 70 million children could enroll and attend school from 2002 to 2015.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is the founder of the association Imagination Library, which is in charge of distributing children's books free of charge since 1996. The association has donated over 100 million books since its opening.

Dolly Parton's achievement for education consists of sharing books to millions of children around the world. The singer is so much involved in fighting for the well-being of children that she brings her share by giving books to children. Like the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat, Rihanna believes in the power of education to restore world peace.

Prem Rawat is the author of the book entitled “When the Desert Bloom”, which has inspired thousands of people to discover their inner potentials and find peace within.